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I love stories.  I love telling them, and I love hearing them.  In fact, one might argue that my all-too-lengthy stint of online dating lasted as long as it did because I relished so much hearing new, personal stories from strangers.

In January, I had the honor of telling a story at Dixie De La Tour’s event, Bawdy Storytelling.  While I admit I may not have shown my parents the link to this particular story, I am proud that I got to take the Bawdy Stage.

Recently, Bawdy turned six, and I was there to help celebrate what I think is one of the most exciting and compelling storytelling events in the Bay Area.  Tim Ereneta, a fellow storytelling and blogger, was also there, and he wrote an excellent article all about Bawdy.  Yay, Tim!  And yay, Bawdy!  The show is happening again tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  I will be there.  Will you?

Maybe you could bring an online date.  I guarantee that you will have a good time, and you are likely to walk away with a new story or two of your own.

If you are on the fence, you should read what Tim had to say about his experience:


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Parenting Tip of the Day:

The pretend tears that are elicited by telling a pretend story about a pretend bear that eats a pretend family at the request of a real three-and-a-half year old, last just as long, and are just as loud as the real tears that might have ensued after sharing a nonfiction story with the same plot.

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Getting Over Under-Sharing

I love the NPR show, The Moth.  People share true stories from their lives in front of an audience.  For the past two years, I have been trying to emulate this show in my living room by hosting small groups of friends who share their stories.  Stories are one of my favorite things, and these parties are something I cherish.  I am so grateful for the friends I have made (and the ones I’ve gotten to know better) and the stories they’ve shared.

My most recent “party” happened at the end of December.  There were nineteen of us total including, for the first time, my parents.  I was anxious about the event — inviting my parents into my friend circle caused my sister to say, “What were you thinking??!!”  I was also anxious about the story I planned to tell.  While I usually aim to make my friends laugh, the story I felt compelled to share is not a particularly funny one.

It is a story about closing up, closing off, keeping secrets.  In order to continue my process of being a more open, honest person who shares what is going on in her life, I am posting my story here, too.  Well that, that, and narcism.  Cheers to over-sharing and watching myself do it!

Mosa — December 2012 — Developing an Ending from boobjuice on Vimeo.


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