8381607161_c109e6f5f3_b-1Mosa Maxwell-Smith is a writer, and storyteller living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When she is not posting ridiculous stories from her life on this very blog, she is sharing them out-loud with friends and strangers at storytelling parties in her living room and public events such as Bawdy Storytelling.

She is also an avid improviser  and a video exercise junkie.  Her writings on nutrition and exercise, including a daily food diary, can be found at Butt Girdles Don’t Come in Small.

Much of her writing, storytelling, improvising, exercising, and food obsessing is put to use in the raising of her fantastic three and a half year-old daughter who provides most of the inspiration for this blog.


Why the hell is this blog called boob juice?

How can I get ahold of Mosa Maxwell-Smith?

What is Storytelling?  Is that, like, even a thing?

14 responses to “about

  1. Ha – my husband often looks at me with a look which says something along the lines of “are you sure you aren’t suffering from early onset dementia”….. the trouble is, that look makes me genuinely worry that he might be right…. Once I had a really good brain… now it’s an embarrassing mush of forgotten names (I rarely get the kids’ names right), purile information and imbecilic tele watching.

  2. Where was all this great advice when I was trying to raise my children?

  3. rhonda

    ha,ha! so cute!

  4. I don’t know what’s funnier, your words or the expression on your pic! I think both about sums up the motherhood experience.

  5. miq

    Your posts are too funny. I’m loving scrolling through and reading them! (I did at some point stop commenting, but don’t worry, I kept reading and I kept laughing) Thank you!

  6. Love it! Also, great top banner.

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